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Updated Automatically on September 26th, 2010
better gas mileage

It’s summer and many people are enjoying a bike ride or paddle through nature. Too bad some of them are wasting gas and creating pollution in the process.

When you’re not using them. take the roof, trunk, and hitch racks off your vehicle to cut down on wind resistance, save gas, and be kinder to nature. Yes, it takes a little more effort to put them on and take them off every time you want to drive somewhere to get a little exercise in nature, but why not look at that effort as a warm-up exercise before you head out?

And for goodness sake, don’t leave the kayaks or bikes on the roof all the time! I’ve seen a minivan being loaded up with bag after bag of groceries at the supermarket while it had kayaks on the roof and bikes on the hitch rack in back. Were they going to dash home and put the groceries away on their way to their combination ride/paddle excursion? Probably not.

It almost seems like having kayaks on the roof has become a new status symbol. If you really want to impress your neighbors, tell them that you not only kayak to get closer to nature, you also remove the kayaks and the rack when you’re not using them so that you get better gas mileage and do your little bit to help nature.

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Updated Automatically on September 26th, 2010
better gas mileage

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