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Updated Automatically on July 24th, 2008
better gas mileage

If you have a second-generation Toyota Prius, you’ll soon be able to convert it to get twice the gas mileage. You could conceivably get 100 MPG+ for daily driving.

EDrive Systems says that they will soon be taking orders for their PHEV (plugin hybrid electic vehicle) conversion kit for 2004 and later Toyota Prius hybrids. The kit is said to at least double the gas mileage of a Prius for the first 50-60 miles the car is driven after being recharged. After the plug-in charge has been used up, the Prius will still behave like its normal, hybrid self and get about 50 MPG. But for the first 50-60 miles, you could get over 100 MPG!

If the EDrive battery is fully drained, it will take about nine hours to recharge it and use just 9kWh of electricity. But with that charge (which would cost less than a dollar, if your electricity costs 10 cents/kilowatt-hour) you’ll get much better gas mileage. The FAQ at the EDrive site says that with low-speed city driving and 55 MPH freeway driving, it’s possible to get over 200 MPG from your Prius.

Initially the EDrive conversions will only be offered in the Los Angeles area. A conversion is said to take less than one business day. Then you’ll have your “double gas mileage” Prius back and ready to save you even more money on gasoline.

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Updated Automatically on July 24th, 2008
better gas mileage

3 Responses to “Convert Your Hybrid For Better Gas Mileage”

    Is this actually cost efficent?

    I really wanna save my gas and lower my energy cost…is this the way?

    A gas credit card allows you to technically get paid, or paid back, simply for making a fuel purchase every time you fill your vehicle up.

    I strongly believe your organization (if not already of part of) should join forces with Plug In Partners and Plug In America to “MASS MAIL” the movie “Who Killed the Electric Car. Whey I drive around in my Prius, people ask me questions as if they are still in the stone age. I ask; “Have you seen “Who Killed the Electric Car”? Most, even Toyota salespeople say no. If our leaders won’t take the bull by the horn then it’s up to organizations like you and other “Green” Companies to do it and inform the public. The Auto/Gas companies say it’s all about supply and demand. Well I say it’s all about Education. If more people knew what these companies are NOT doining and the technology we DO have…the damand for lower priced hybrid vehicles and more selection will quadrubple! LET’S DO IT!

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